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Travel for work?

Many of us have a hectic schedule that leaves very little time to hit the gym or have a personal trainer.

No matter where you are in the world you have the ability to schedule a Skype session with the CH Fitness Travel Trainer

Train in your own home, work place, hotel or any where in the world!

For some of my clients, it’s a way of continuing their personal training program, even if they have had to leave the country, Fantastic for Cabin crew who like to stay fit down route.

It’s ideal for mums who have young children at home and simply don’t have the time to travel to the gym, and it’s particularly good for those who struggle to make it to their gym due to odd hours. 

I’m there, literally in the room with them, so I can not only monitor their technique, but they can also ask questions.


Tired of not being able to train?

You no longer need to take gaps in your training programme when you have to travel with work.

With Online coaching, you will have your training programme with you. Whenever you need it, And whenever you need me we Skype.

With this fantastic new interactive service you can carry on your training WHEREVER you are.

Home, Work, Hotel, Gym.


Two great packages to best suit you.

The Travel Package

If you travel a lot with your work or you are unable to have one to one Personal Training sessions in your own home, this package is what you need. 

ALL the Personal Training sessions will be via SKYPE or FACETIME at the times that suit you best.

Home & Away

A mixture of 1-1 Personal Training and 1-1 Facetime/Skype sessions when you are away with work.

You choose how many sessions you would like both online and 1-1 Personal Training

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